Datong Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone on March 1, 2018, with a registered capital of 80 million yuan, address: No. 1169, Yunzhou street, Datong Development Zone, Shanxi Province.

1. The graphene powder material developed and produced by the company is a new energy strategic material in the guidance catalogue for the first batch of application and demonstration of key new materials (2017 Edition) published by the Ministry of industry and information technology. As early as before the establishment of Datong Moxi Technology Co., Ltd., the start-up team, together with relevant domestic professional colleges and universities, through five years of dedicated research and development, pioneered the dry physical catalytic method of graphene powder preparation process with zero pollution and zero emission. The company's technology is the original technology of the team, which is the first in China and the only one in the world.

2. Since its registration, the company has obtained 6 utility model patents, 2 invention patents under review and 6 utility model patents.

3. Won the outstanding enterprise award of Shanxi Province in 2019, outstanding contribution award of "energy revolution in Datong vanguard" in 2018, outstanding exhibitor award of Shanxi industrial transformation and upgrading achievement exhibition and other awards, and successfully applied with Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University for the key R & D plan of Shanxi Province in 2019 - general projects in high and new technology field released by Shanxi Provincial Department of science and technology.

4. "Graphene + new materials Industrial Park" has a total planning area of 450 mu, 6 production workshops in phase I project, and a building area of 35000 square meters. On August 28, 2019, two new graphene production lines and electrothermal technology production lines have been officially put into operation in the new plant of "graphene + new materials Industrial Park". The park will successively put into operation the following projects in 2020:

(1) High performance lithium ion battery production project;

(2) High performance lithium iron phosphate cathode material production project;

(3) High performance nano silicon carbon anode material production project;

(4) Microporous copper and aluminum foil production project;

(5) Graphene far infrared heating paste, electric heating film, electric heating painting, electric floor heating, wearable physiotherapy products production project;

(6) Graphene nano functional coating project and many other international leading graphene related industrial projects.

5. Heating system of electrothermal Technology

In 2020, the company will develop intelligent solar energy graphene heat storage heating system, solar hot air drying system, solar energy heat storage + clean energy boiler heating system, intelligent electric kang heating system, regenerative electric heater and other products to meet the needs of citizens for building heating, industrial heating and drying new products. With the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and safety, it is a high-tech product with good market prospect. It is the best alternative product for the current "coal to electricity" project.